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Community Sports Development


Sports Development Unit

Lisburn& Castlereagh City Council has a dedicated Sports Development Unit which works with various partners, community groups, sports clubs and representatives in Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council area to provide a wide range of sport and physical activity related opportunities from coach education to participation at all levels.
Lisburn and Castlereagh's Sports Development Unit is made up of 2 Sports Development Officer's, a Community Sports Development Officer, a Sports Events Coordinator and a Sports Development Assistant.

The Community Sports Development Officer works specifically to address Sports Development issues and promotion at a community level. The aim is to ensure that as many residents as possible in the Lisburn & Castlereagh area have access to facilities, developmental opportunities and coach/administration education courses that are accessible to all and delivered at local level.

The Sports Events Coordinator plans and delivers various sports events as well as assisting clubs and groups with their own events. The events range in nature from participation to competitive. Many aim to engage those not currently a member of a club or taking part in regular exercise, for example, the Santa Dash and Community Fun Runs.

Clubs and community groups within the Lisburn & Castlereagh area can avail of the expertise needed to secure funding to help with areas such as equipment, coach education and capital development.


Throughout the course of the year many physical activity programmes are delivered at various locations throughout the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council area. After-schools clubs in hip-hop dance, multi-skills and Gaelic football provide activity for 4 11 years olds. Zumba, yoga and spin cycle classes are available for both the young and old. We aim to provide opportunities for under-represented groups such as young females, older people and people with disabilities. The unit organises a very comprehensive summer scheme calendar which gives ever club or group in the area the opportunity to advertise their schemes free of charge.


For further information or advice on any issue relating to Sports Development or physical activity please contact Adrian Baron on 028 9250 9556 or e-mail, Kevin Madden on: 028 9250 9567 or e-mail , Kelly Irwin on: 028 9250 9566 or e-mail, Faron Morrison on: 028 9081 1969 or e-mail